Why 36Dong

Dong Luxury Travel Collection

Embracing major cities across Great China, Dong showcases a Luxury Travel Collection housing high-end travel agencies and advisors whilst providing unique travel experience and luxury concierge services with exceptional personal touch.

Dong shapes 'Caves' by Mandarin, originating from Chinese local religion Taoism. Originally Dong is residence where immortals from paradise lived in a hideaway on earth, now it symbolizes high-end travel suppliers from all over China.

From private island located in Cambodia to mysterious ganges of India, from crisp turquoise lagoon in Bora Bora to the indulging pureness of Santorini, from ancient castles’ wine cellar in Tuscany to exciting volcano vents of Big Hawaii, Dong derives a memory encountered only with us.

No matter if it is the time for shopping therapy or seeking for wellness, no matter if it is honeymoon or family get-together, no matter if it is a last minute decision to Polar region or a relaxing afternoon trekking, no matter if it is a around the world trip or a private jet experience, Dong transforms all ideas to reality for you without limitation.

Dong exclusive privilege

With Dong, we offer customers real valuable benefits,which may vary based on destinations and properties.
Dong exclusive rates;
Complimentary breakfast;
Room upgrade upon arrival;
Private return destination transportation;
Early check-in and late check-out;
Celebration arrangements;
Dong assistance at your service.

How to book?

Please contact Dong travel agencies.

If you’re a travel agency or advisor who are interested in joining us, please email to hi@36dong.com

If you are a luxury segment supplier willing to be featured among Dong agencies, please email to supplier@36dong.com